About Napa HIP

Launched in 2016, Napa Hospitality Industry Partnership (HIP) is led by lodging and restaurant employers in Napa County, California, and supported by a range of community partners.

Napa HIP invests in the future of the Napa Hospitality Industry through employer and community collaboration, industry education and employee sustainability, to build a world-class workforce that supports

our industry’s growth.



Napa HIP Priorities & Action Plan

Priority 1. Expand and strengthen the local hospitality workforce, targeting both short term and long term strategies

Priority 2. Develop a policy advocacy strategy, especially around local housing and transportation issues

Priority 3. Expand marketing and branding of Napa Valley Hospitality Experiences

Bright Futures North Bay

Workforce Matters Video Project

Seeing careers in action helps students understand the tasks involved in day-to-day work and the skills required to advance to higher level positions.


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