About Napa HIP

Launched in 2016, Napa Hospitality Industry Partnership (HIP) is led by lodging and restaurant employers in Napa County, California, and supported by a range of community partners.

Napa HIP invests in the future of the Napa Hospitality Industry through employer and community collaboration, industry education and employee sustainability, to build a world-class workforce that supports

our industry’s growth.



Napa HIP Strategies & Action Plan

Strategy 1: Identify the Demand

Strategy 2: Improve Training Offerings in the Region to Enhance Soft and Job-Specific Skills

Strategy 3: Increase Awareness and Exploration of Hospitality Careers Among Youth

Strategy 4: HIP Member Program Participation

Bright Futures North Bay

Workforce Matters Video Project

Seeing careers in action helps students understand the tasks involved in day-to-day work and the skills required to advance to higher level positions.


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